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It's hard to believe that 10 years has passed since we started our journey into the wonders of
the beautiful Uni-Vibe. Looking back to the time when we started our experiments with that
three-dimensional sound, everything was very different from today.
It was a simpler time in the pedal world. There were several big, well-known companies that
produced most of the classic pedals and a handful of smaller boutique builders. At that time,
most new pedals could easily get into the spotlight, to be explored and talked about. It was
the beginning of a golden era for the world of guitar pedals. Back then, only a few Uni-Vibe
clones existed, most following the same circuit recipe as that used by the wonderful Shin-Ei,
they were mostly big, bulky and rather expensive.
When we decided to take a shot with our Uni-Vibe, we wanted something different and more
practical. We wanted The Sound, but we also wanted to make ours much smaller than any
other Uni-Vibe on the market. In 2011, when the Vibe Machine V-1 was born, it was the
smallest ever photocell-based Vibe pedal in the World retaining all the features of the classic
Uni-Vibe. People loved it, and they still do.
A few years later, after extensive development, with tons of new experience, and with
feedback gathered from our amazing customers, forum members, reviewers, demo guys and
fellow musicians, the Vibe Machine V-2 arrived. It looked very similar to its predecessor, but
it was much more complex under the hood. Besides all those added features, The Sound was
greater than ever and it rocked the vibe community around the world! As one of the best
Uni-Vibe effects available today, the Vibe Machine has received many awards from the Music
Industry and we're extremely proud of it!
The V-3 version
Several months ago, we wanted to find a special way to celebrate our upcoming 10 Year
Anniversary and we decided to pull out our Vibe Machine breadboard. We played extensively
with the complex opto-system and one specific setting sounded out of this world. We tried
tons of different settings, but we kept on coming back to this particular one.
It was like re-mixing your greatest album. You know it's great, but you wanted to add some
magic touches to make it even more special. We didn't expect that our breadboard
experiment would result in a completely new version of our Vibe Machine, but this one is
really something else and we couldn't just keep it to ourselves. We wanted to share it with
the World.
V-3 has its own colorful magic going on. Is it better than its predecessors? With such a unique
sound presence, it's really a matter of personal taste. V-3 is simply different and it sounds
The main difference between V-3 and V-2 is in the modulation EQ. V-2 modulates just a slight
part of your main tone (mid-range focused modulation), while V-3 blends in nicely with your
main tone and modulates it without changing the EQ. V-3 has a wider modulation and brings
you more depth. The Intensity’s character has also changed.
Additional options
V-3 features the same versatile custom sound options as V-2. There are 6 ‘set and forget’ side
trimmers: CHORUS, GRIT, CUSTOM, SYM, RANGE and VOLUME. All these controls come with
initial factory settings. Check the manual in the support tab for more detailed descriptions,
but to begin playing you don’t need the manual or to adjust anything, just plug in and enjoy!
The CHORUS trimmer adjusts the depth of vibe modulation so the user can adjust the
swirl/watery/chewy character of the Chorus sound. The CHORUS trimmer also affects the low
end frequencies of the Chorus throb.
With GRIT you can set the overall brightness, it acts as a low pass passive tone control and
also defines the output impedance. Try a fuzz/dirt pedal or just an amp after the V-3 and with
GRIT you can find your tonal sweet spot with whatever is next in chain.
The CUSTOM trimmer adjusts the input impedance when the three way
ORIGINAL/BRIGHT/CUSTOM switch is set to the CUSTOM position. If you switch guitars on
stage, sometimes you may want to flip this switch to balance your guitar’s brightness.
The SYM and RANGE define the light bulb bias and character/response of the Vibe
With the VOLUME trimmer at its maximum setting, it boosts your volume above and beyond
unity gain.
The V-3 can be used with any passive expression pedal with a linear pot. Also, the V-3 has
several functions that are controllable with the DryBell F-1L footswitch or any other simple
footswitch. With the footswitch you can engage the CANCEL function, TAP TEMPO feature,
Fast/Slow with adjustable Leslie® ramp delay or a Two speed function.
CANCEL function – Just like on an original Uni-Vibe®, a warm & darker sounding preamp
(Cancel on original Uni-Vibe®) is available using an expression pedal. Please refer to the
Options manual for more information.
Just like on V-2, there are a couple of ‘set and forget’ options like different footswitch type
compatibility, expression pedal pot taper adjustment and more. Check the V-3 options
manual to see all of its features.
Throughout the years, The Vibe Machine continues to be a shining star on countless great
pedalboards. It is a very specific ingredient in a musical color palette and we're confident that
this new V-3 version will very much inspire people to continue making great music with it.
We're extremely proud of the fact that we can be a part of keeping the legendary sound
alive. There's no doubt in our minds that the V-3 is one of our highest achievements and a
great way to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

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