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Used Fender Vibroverb '64 Diaz-Style Mods

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The '64 Vibroverb Custom is an alltube, handwired combo amp with a solid pine cabinet and single 15' Eminence® Legend speaker. Rearpanel Mod and Rectifier switches enable the player to select vintage black panel tones or "Texas Blues'modifications made famous by "The Amp Doctor,'Cesar Diaz. 


  • Completely Hand Wired Chassis
  • Solid Finger Jointed Pine Cabinet
  • Circuit Modifications Designed by the Legendary Cesar Diaz
  • Tube Driven Spring Reverb
  • Tube Vibrato
  • Standby Switch
  • Extension Speaker Jack
  • Tube/Diode (Solid State) Rectifier Switch
  • Tilt-back Legs

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